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Damal Arlette Laurent-Fahier, CA ICEM Didier Mujica Debarbieux Eric Lutz Kremer Michel Barre and Roger Ueberschlag Read more new Educator No. 39 In: the International Educator new PEMF For teachers review> summary Languages> Esperanto French> Scripture-reading instructional principles> term-creation pedagogical Principles > Communications> correspondence Movements> Freinet movement> RIDEF pedagogical principles> Communications> ICT in May 1992 Poitiers, Romania, Russia, Switzerland Authors: Alex Lafosse , Andre Lefeuvre, Andre Mathieu, Christian Lego Florence St-Luc, Giancarlo Cavinato Henry Landroit, Hugh Starkey, Marcel Jarry, Martin Meier, Maryvonne Conan Monique Ribis, Nerina Vretenar Pierrick Descottes and Rinaldo Rizzi more Pedagogy of Esperanto in: the Proletarian Educator Publishing Printing at the School for teachers review languages> Esperanto December 1932 Author: Honore Bourguignon more international correspondence in Esperanto: the Proletarian Educator Publishing Printing at the School for teachers review languages> Esperanto November 1932 Author: Honore Bourguignon more 1 2 3 4 5 6 next> last ”
Results from 71 to 80 from 183 Results Come to FREINET TECHNIQUES MODERN SCHOOL! The Education Reform you will soon be a necessity In: National Education> The school reforms Educator CEL For teachers review Movements> Freinet movement> Freinet Technical October 1956 We have never made any special effort for formalization of our techniques. This does not mean that we neglect or we underestimate the possibility of this formalization. We would not have continued so long our efforts and sacrifices if we had hoped that the experience of a core of pioneers constantly enriched influence one day soon all the education of our country. Author Freinet Read more Primary need help doing homework
inspectors have the right to ban a class publishing a school newspaper In: National Education> The inspection Educator CEL For teachers review in March 1958 Author: Celestin Freinet more the teachers pedagoques in: National Education> the inspection Educator CEL for teachers review in February 1958 A friend writes: I read your last says Mathieu and I am deeply pained to see you and attack all the L. P. You do not make a special case, and for who does not know the trouble you got to the school, you all attacks in general. I think you were wrong and you should not and we put them all back in for the reason that they do not deserve it all. ” Author Freinet More How to lighten school curricula In: The National Education Educator CEL For teachers review in November 1959 More The Educational Conference 1961: The National Education Educator CEL For teachers review July 1961 Author: Freinet more for control of working conditions in teaching in: the National education Educator CEL for teachers review in May 1961 during the conferences I’ve just Bourg, Grenoble Albertville at which I spoke in 2000 comrades, I was led to stress in particular the working conditions which now appear as the main obstacle to the introduction of our technology in various courses of Education, Author Freinet more SOME sTATEMENTS of the current Minister of Education for a neces sary modernization of education In: National Education> The Educator orientation LEC For teachers review in July 1962 News from the Modern School Read more Improving working conditions for Educators: 25 students per class! In: National Education> Teaching claims the Company> The unions educator CEL For teachers review in December 1962 for the completion of one of our key demands: Improving working conditions for Educators: 25 students per class! C. Freinet We lead the battle for nearly ten years and are pleased to see that it begins to bear fruit. Author Freinet More Problems of the Inspectorate In: National Education> The inspection Educator CEL For Teachers magazine June 1964 The part of the administration Author: Roger Ueberschlag More Blue Dreams In: the Education> the inspection Educator CEL for teachers review in June 1964, we give below the article the Bohec who gladly receive all correspondence relating to this topic. But we believe useful to remember that we will not have exclusive responsibility of topics. We would rather that many of you to participate in the information and discussions that will interest and usefulness. P. Bohec Author: Paul Le Bohec Read more «first last»
1 to 10 from 25 Results The Breach No. 13-14 (November-December 1975) In: The Breach CEL For teachers review> French summary> Scripture-reading Languages> French teaching techniques Modern Languages> Teaching Techniques debate> organization class> part of the master teaching techniques> exit, travel, visiting teaching techniques> audiovisual technology instructional techniques> free text November 1975 the Breach, Sector Bulletin Second Degree ICEM 1974 to 1984, ten issues per year Reflexions, practice testimonies, minutes of readings, debates, …… Author: Michel Bertrand more “KART-oF-FEL-SALAT” in: the Breach CEL for teachers review Languages> Modern Languages ??Techniques teaching> class organization in January 1976 “KART-oF-FEL-SALAT” Group Germanists this article is a summary of what we usually app eler a bearing journal. Some leaves have turned correspondence between several comrades – here four in number Germanists – and for several laps – three here. On the left page exposing his experience on the right page is noted his remarks about the experiences of peers. On a clear interest for the realization of the identity of the difficulties; for collective search for solutions and work paths, such synthesis does not replace direct testimony of lived experience and start every year renewed Freinet Pedagogy. We are aware of and would like therefore other items, “slices of life” and testimonies of “starts” … The Writing-Breach Authors: Dominique Pichard, Karin Haddad, Marie-France Truffaut and Michele Christiany More bilingualism Natural – promoting factor for the study of languages ??in: the Educator for teachers review languages> Modern languages ??Arts> Poetry June 1985 Authors: Denise and Paul Fish Fish more printing in school No. 38 – in November 1930: the International Printing Publishing at the School of Printing in the School for teachers review Arts> visual Arts> drawing Others> Esperanto Geo History> History Art> Cinema pedagogical techniques> tools> file teaching techniques> audiovisual techniques> photography teaching techniques> audiovisual equipment> radio pedagogical Principles> communication> Techniques correspondence p TEACHINGPROCESSES> Printing pedagogical techniques> Technical Plastic Arts Teaching Techniques> Free text U.R.S.S. January 1931, USSR SUMMARY PRINTING TO SCHOOL: Teaching Education Theory and Techniques (C. Freinet). The Cooperative School File: delivery. – Our educational research: The design, first free activity (E. Lagier-Bruno). – For our working libraries (C.F.). – The Printing to the School and the teaching of history (Gauthier). – Our technical research: The woodcut – History (Ruch). – To strengthen Freinet presses. – For the development of our printed (Bourguignon). – The life of our group. INTER MATCH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BY ESPERANTO: Aesthetic Education in U.R.S.S. – End of the school year (Klimenko). – – Organization correspondence service and Regulations. CINEMA: International Journal of Cinema Educator. – Cinema, Child, School (continued) (Udd Itchenko.). RADIO: The B.C.P. (Lavit). – The super B.G.P. (J. Aicard). International Documentation. EDUCATIONAL TECHNIQUES. – The phono School (Y.