It was a side that is different Hoseok than any you’d see before.

‘Oh, Jungkookie…you understand to not ever speak to your hyung like that…. Especially once you promised to invite him to your following ‘get together’. ’ Hobi reacts in a mocking drool, moving the door quietly shut as he does so behind him as he begins to make his way over to the two of you, lifting his shirt over his head.

‘Its my change- hyung. ’ Jungkook growls, their arm going around you possessively as he brings you behind him, eyes interested in Hoseok.

‘And from you. ’ the older boy says, his tone of voice growing darker and darker as he comes to stand in front of you, eyes pinned to you as he rips the cushion out of your grasp yet… I am your hyung, so if I want something you have…I can take it.

It was a various part to Hoseok than just about any you’d see before. As he ended up being doing, chatting, or really putting on all their garments, he was kind, gentle, and funny, among other items. However now, with him stood if your wanting to, searching like a crazy animal going to stalk straight down their victim, you couldn’t assist but imagine just exactly exactly what those dancers sides would feel just like snapping into yours.

You gasp as his hand reaches off to understand your breast, eyes Cam4 moving mockingly to Jungkook who had been simply sat here, look burning holes into Hoseok since the older boy’s supply covered around your ribcage in which he settled on the settee behind you, pulling you right back against him while he got comfortable.

‘However, I’m feeling nice. ’ he states, a smirk evident in the sound since it rumbles out of his chest that is pressed into your straight back, causing you to squirm, and you also steady both hands on their legs which are resting either part of you.

‘so just why dont you have the bottom half and i’ll have actually the most truly effective. ’ he murmurs, in place, to let you know who was in charge before you feel him lick a hot wet stripe up your neck, blowing over the damp skin after and you shiver harshly against him, nails digging into his jeans and you open your legs without a thought, shouting out when you feel Jungkook’s fingers instantly delve between your folds- trying to turn your attention back to him, and you throw your head back against J-hope’s shoulder, tensing around the madly thrusting digits between your legs when a hand wraps around your throat, not tight enough to cut off air, but tight enough to hold you.

‘Fuck her Jungkook…show her boss that is who’s. Hoseok jibes from before you feel him fill you up in one sharp thrust behind you, his hand that isnt clamped around your neck, moving to pinch at your nipple, making you Keen and pant as you squirm against him, being stopped by Jungkook’s death grip on your hips, causing you to look down and you see the anger and frustration at his hyung on his face as he stares at you.

You cry away, turning your face into Hoseok’s chest in an attempt to muffle your noises, but their hand on your own throat forces you to definitely lookup at Jungkook, seeing him smolder down into yours, devouring the ache from his length stretching you and making you moan his name again and again, the word falling from your lips like a mantra at you as his hips snap.

‘Fuck, you appear so excellent similar to this Y/N…’ Hobi murmurs behind you, their lips descending in your throat and changing their hand as he nips and sucks at your own skin- stimulating you, their now free hand slipping down the body to your clitoris, pinching and rubbing deliciously while he works you over time because of the Maknae, resulting in the coil in your stomach to begin with to tighten up, your fingernails being embedded in Hoseok’s thighs raking down their jeans to get more purchase, the growl that actually leaves the older boy’s throat making your walls clench around Jungkook.